Wednesday, July 22, 2009

look at all the little ones gathered around for a picture

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here in me and Brian with my parents!
Here is me and Brian with Brian's grandparents!

Here is me and Brian with his parents!

And here we are with my grandparents!

And of course here is the cute Rylee and Ty as the flower girl and ring boy!

My sister Nikki was my maid of honor anad she was walked down the isle with brian"s best man corky.
My mother was walked down the isle by my wonderful husband!

And of course i was walked down the isle by my father it was a very special moment that i'll never forget!

Heather my other sister was walked down the isle by Brian's brother and my new brother-in-law Kevin.

And finally i get to stand with my handsom husband!!! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

i'm sorry we haven't been up dating very well. we need to get some new pictures on our computer so i can post some different things. just be patient with us we've had a lot going on but yes me and brian FINALLY got married and it was wonderful!!! i still haven't gotten my pictures from the wedding back so when i do i will for sure be putting some on our blog.

we've takin some camping trips for memorial we went to park valley agian with brian's sister and her husband. we had a good time but yes it rained but oh well not much we can do.

and my sister had her baby and he is a doll i love that little guy. he has made me so baby hungry!!!

cute little Rylee had her 5th birthday we had a little party for her.
she also had her graduation from pre school and she got some pretty neat awards we are very proud of her!!!

ty has just been super busy with his sports, he finished up soccer and now is playing some baseball. he really enjoys it!!!

brian has been working so much and so hard i'm very proud of him even though i miss him very much when he is gone. love you babe!!!!

but overall the family is doing very good can't complain and to make things even better my birthday as well as brian's is coming up i'll be the big 21 and he'll be the old 28;) so happy birthday to us!!!:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

me and rylee at the pumpkin walk tryin to keep each other warm
poor rylee couldn't make it through the pumpkin walk so her wonderful daddy carried her the rest of the way.

the little clan ty, maddy, brooky, and rylee all bundled up tryin to stay warm at the pumpkin walk

ty and his buddy maddy they sure have a good time together

we went to a pumpkin walk with the kids and brian's family it was fun a little cold but it was a good time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

me and brian on Valentines Day! we had a nice relaxing day/night at home. He made me some yummy dutch oven food mmm
me and my honey at rylee's pre- school graduation

look at us bein goof balls! we like to have some fun together and be crazy!!!